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Senin, 30 Juli 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: About Dead Links !!!

About My Acount Mediafire | Suspended | Mediafire Dead Link 
Message From Ultimate Games:
Hi Guys, How are you ? I Hope you alright there. But Certainly not Good for me. Now My Mediafire Account is Already Suspended, I lost all of My Game. Now I'll looking for a solution to my problem, and I'll Share More Game to You

About My Problem :
  • All of you is Repost My File in Other Site
  • Copied Link download without shrinked Url

Attention !! Please Help me :
For the Solution :
  • Please Don't Copy-Paste my post in this Blog !
  • If You wan't to Shre Please Include shrinked url :
    Eg: adf.ly/xxx or tinypaste.com/xxx  
  • Leave a comment for build more power in this blog 
  • If you want Stay Update, Please Follow: Join in this Blog or Like Our Fans Page

Ok Guys Thats All, Please Suport us for more Power. Thanks for your Attention !!

Broken Links ?
Please Read : ANNOUNCEMENT: About Dead Links !!!
Description: ANNOUNCEMENT: About Dead Links !!!
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Purnama Yasa
ItemReviewed: ANNOUNCEMENT: About Dead Links !!!

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